Product Types

We offer many products types to serve a wide range of applications.
  • Granite paving

    Thickness normally starting from 25/30mmfor domestic light pedestrian use through to commercial paving at 40-80mm and upwards.

  • Tactile paving
    Tactile Paving

    ‘Blister’ or ‘Corduroy’ in various stones and colours, thickness to suit adjacent paving. Includes red and yellow granite for controlled and uncontrolled crossings.

  • Granite kerbing

    Typically fine picked to BS EN 1343, though flame textured or more rustic finishes available - Click for more

  • Granite setts

    Used for paved areas, edgings and in a range of colours to act as delineation. Supplied all cropped or with a range of finishes to top surface. Sides may be sawn - Click for more

  • Cladding

    Low level in landscaping works to high level in building projects. Refer to BS 8298 for thicknesses for different stones at varying heights.

  • Building stone
    Building Stone

    Bespoke items include quoins, cills, lintels and stool stones.

  • Basalt and slatewater features
    Water Features

    Bespoke items often use black stones such as basalt or slate for reflective pools.

  • Stone street furniture
    Street Furniture

    Seating and bollards can incorporate a mix of finishes including polished surfaces to show off the beauty of the stone.

  • Stone engraving and sandblasting
    Engraving & Sandblasting

    Simple numbering and lettering to more complicated artwork designs can be etched or hand carved.

  • Stone art features
    Art Features

    Bespoke items in almost any shape, size and colour utilising modern robotic machinery or hand crafted.

  • Granite polished worktops and granite kitchens
    Polished Worktops

    Fabricated using state of the art machinery in a superb range of granites.

  • Limestone florring, slate flooring and granite flooring

    Produced to any practical size and design in limestone, slate, granite, etc.